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EMF Protection Products as your best "Protective Umbrella" against Cell Phone Radiation!

Welcome to AdrProVita, the best source for a variety of proven personal and commercial products for EMF Protection, EMF Shielding, Cell Phone Radiation Protectino and wellness products. What is EMF protection?  Is cell phone radiation harmful? These are questions we hear daily at AdrProVita, and we have the answers to your concerns. Our products are designed to protect and shield the human body from a number of EMF radiation sources typically found throughout apartments, homes, offices and commercial facilities. Simply put, our mission is to supply high-quality, proven and effective EMF detection, EMF shielding, cell phone radiation protection and wellness products that create a "protective umbrella" that minimizes risk factors and conditions created by electrosmog pollution.

Did you know that most home appliances and smart meters as well as electric and electronic devices emit harmful EMF radiation! As a result, EMF protection is vital. So what is EMF protection?  Click on the picture below to see a short video clip about the history and facts of electrosmog pollution, cell phone radiation protection, EMF shielding, electromagnetic shielding and their influence on human immunity, vitality and body energy.
Sources of EMF radiation & Electrosmog Pollution
Sources of electrosmog and EMF radiation from low frequency electric fields at distances of 3 to 30cm (1.2" to 11.8") - measurements conducted with Gigahertz Solutions ME3030B.

Electrosmog and Its Everlasting Presence

Electrosmog is almost everywhere, exposing humans to a number of potential health risks. Some electrosmog sources come from most commonly used devices and installations, such as cell phones, cell phone towers and their networks, tablets and laptops, WIFI routers and networks, microwave appliances, television sets and other electrically powered devices, but especially house and office electric wires installed under flooring or in their walls. For as long as these sources stay plugged in, electrosmog in the form of electromagnetic and microwave radiation is being emitted. Such conditions have created a hostile environment consisting of intense EMF radiation and cell phone radiation that researchers have linked to a number of health conditions and illnesses, such as unexplained headaches, high blood pressure, Fibromyalgia, electrosensitivity disorder, diminished immunity to illness, lower vitality and body energy, and even diabetes and cancer. In addition, our constant use of mobile devices, both among adults and children, calls for urgent use of EMF shielding, EMF protection, cell phone radiation protection to wellness products on daily basis.

Cell Phone Radiation - Risk Factors

Is cell phone radiation harmful? Cell phone radiation protection products and preventive habits are key radiation risk mitigators for overexposure. Cell phones, smart phones and tablet use has become an extension of our daily lives, and with it comes ongoing exposure to the radiation emitted from these devices. According to World Health Organization / International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) radio frequency electromagnetic fields emitted from mobile devices are possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B), based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer associated with wireless phone use. Many European countries followed this recommendation and introduced special legislation mandating EMF protection for their citizens, especially children. In a newly released study conducted at the Orebro Hospital in Sweden, it was revealed that 10 years of cell phone use resulted in an average 290% increased risk of brain tumor development. It is imperative that cell phone radiation protection, electromagnetic shielding and EMF protection products like ADR Protect or ADR Mat for Bed become widely publicized so people can make educated decisions related to their health. Our constant use of mobile devices, both among adults and children, calls for urgent use of cell phone radiation protection, EMF shielding, EMF detection and wellness products on daily basis.

ADR Technology and EMF Protection

ADR, also commonly referred to as Advanced Dielectric Radiation Trap, is a technology that protects humans from the negative effects of EMF radiation forces that surround us constantly. Our researchers have designed a number of award-winning and proprietary ADR-Technology solutions, including dielectric ADR Mats, ADR TEX - Universal Electro-Screen and EMF shielding devices. The ADR technology stands behind products that provide a superior defense against cell phone radiation, EMF radiation and other forms of hazardous electrosmog. In addition, products like ADR-4 Energy Stimulator provide health benefits through interaction with water and food boosting our immunity, vitality and body energy. At the other end of our products spectrum is ADR-TEX Universal Electro-screen, which ensures EMF shielding and protection against electrosmog on a larger scale.

Electrosmog & EMF Radiation

Our increased use of electricity and electric devices has created an environment where it has become virtually impossible to avoid electrosmog exposure. One of the most harmful forms of electrosmog occurs at night while we are sleeping. The EMF radiation at night, emitted from electric wiring installed in the walls, ceiling and floors, penetrates our bodies at the time when our DNA and cellular structures should regenerate. Although it is impossible to avoid electrosmog completely, AdrProVita provides products ranging from EMF shielding, EMF protection, cell phone radiation protection to wellness products designed to minimize harmful effects of EMF radiation and to boost your immunity, vitality and body energy. Let us protect you and your family with unique, proven and effective EMF detection, electromagnetic shielding and wellness products that create an atmosphere of enhanced safety and well-being in your home.


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