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About Cell Phone Radiation

Cell Phone Radiation Exposure

There has been a lot of apprehension concerning the amount of radiation admitted by cellular telephones, along with the nature of the damage caused to individuals who constantly use them. Research concerning adverse health effects has largely been inconclusive. However, some studies and analysis have shown potentially harmful effects, such as headaches, vertigo and behavioral problems.

Cell Phone Radiation and Children

Due to developing tissues and thinner skulls, it is generally believed that children may be more prone than adults to any negative effects of cell phone radiation exposure. The latency period to develop certain cancers can take several years. Therefore, the cumulative effects of radiation exposure may take a decade or so to emerge. Some countries have imposed bans and restrictions concerning cell phone use by children.

Other Potential Hazards

One Swedish scientist has concluded that mobile phone radiation leads to an earlier onset of Alzheimer's disease. Other research in Germany has recently been showing the possibility of a link between cell phone radiation and eye cancer. They found that patients who spend the most time using a digital mobile telephone have a much higher incidence of tumors at the base of the retina.
(Original image from IT’IS Foundation,
Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich)

Summary and Solutions

It will take a long time before enough evidence is accumulated to establish without question that cell phone radiation actually is a health risk. However, it can be said that there is a strong possibility based on what's known now that this type of radiation is harmful. In addition to manufacturing safer phones, there are other solutions available and under development such as radiation protection products that hopefully will eventually eradicate the problem.

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