“Dirty” Electricity is a National Problem

“Dirty” Electricity is a National Problem Affecting Everyone’s Health in the United States Electricity is a part of all of our lives today, and we seldom give much thought to it unless it is not there when we expect it to be.

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High voltage towers with sky background.
Comments by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Like many stories regarding diseases and potential cures that are not widely known, I stumbled upon this one due to a friend who had a health condition, cancer, and his search for what was causing it. He was not finding answers from the standard medical community and their treatments for cancer, which seldom, if ever, look for the underlying causes.

My friend is Amish, and he is part of a community in Wisconsin that raises healthy food that Tropical Traditions sells on the website.

This Amish community lives “off the grid” and seldom uses electricity. But in my friend’s search for causes as to why he was struggling to overcome cancer, he contacted a local resident in their area of western Wisconsin who was an expert on the harmful effects of electricity. This person came to his farm, and determined that his farm had large concentrations of electrical current passing through it, something those in the power industry describe as “stray voltage.” With the help of this local electrician, he was able to install some some copper wiring as a “shield” around his living quarters. He reported:

“Headaches, stomach aches, and inflammation which were common before are now much improved.”

So this intrigued me. How could a local “electrician” in rural Wisconsin have such knowledge, I wondered. I decided to look him up, and found that his name is Dave Stetzer. Here is Dave Stetzer’s bio, from his website [1]:

Dave Stetzer has been an electrician by training, education and experience for over 30 years. He joined the United States Air Force in December 1970 and began his career in electricity when he attended electronics school at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi Mississippi from February through November 1971. At that time, Keesler AFB was known as the world’s #1 electronics school.

During this training Dave was given top-secret military clearance, as much of the electronic equipment he worked on was, and still remains, highly classified. Dave completed training as a ground radio communications electronics technician and was assigned to the 676 Radar Squadron, Antigo Air Force Station, Antigo, Wisconsin. There he diagnosed and repaired a variety of electronic equipment, including PC boards, Klystron tubes and integrated circuits, as well as highly classified military electronic equipment, employing among other things, spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, signal generators, and digital frequency counters.

In February 1972, Dave received an assignment to go to Vietnam and was sent to KY8-38 Crypto School at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas where his top-secret military clearance was upgraded to include crypto access. Upon completion of this training, Dave returned to the 676 Radar Squadron at Antigo Air Force Station pending his November port call to Vietnam; his assignment was subsequently changed due to the official ending of the Vietnam War in September 1972. Dave’s duties continued as before, with the additional tasks of diagnosing, maintaining, and repairing highly classified crypto electronic equipment. Upon completion of his tour of duty, Dave received an honorable discharge from the United States Air Force.

There is much literature in the alternative health field regarding the dangers of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from items such as cell phones, but Dave Stetzer explains that the hazards of electrical current generated by power companies are greater than most of us realize, and that electromagnetic pollution is not strictly a wireless device problem. Mr. Stetzer has been called as an expert witness in lawsuits against electrical power companies due to his vast expertise on this subject.

I seriously doubt there is anyone in the U.S. today more knowledgeable than Dave Setzer on this topic, so I had Health Impact News’ own health writer John Thomas investigate this very important topic that affects each one of us. Much of the research presented here is based on the years of knowledge accumulated by Dave Setzer. Much of how this “dirty electricity” affects our health is based on the research of Dr. Magda Havas [2], who will be introduced below.

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How Can I Shield from High Magnetic Fields in MY Car?

Magnetic shielding is the basically the same no matter where you use it, in your house, office or even inside your car. However, there are some additional points that one should be aware when shielding inside a car:

1] Start by using a gauss meter to determine IF you have high magnetic fields where the people are. In a car, the magnetic field profile will be different at highway speed compared to idling. Check both ways.

2] If you do have high fields, use the gauss meter to determine where the sources are located. In a car, you will have multiple sources. Sweep around with the meter to identify as many sources as you can.

3] Shielding involves applying Magnetic Shielding Foil (0.010 thickness) or Giron over the source of the offending field. You must cover an area larger than the source. The closer the shield is to the source, the better the attenuation will be.

Just be aware of a few points:


a) as in all magnetic shielding applications, you need a fairly wide shield to prevent fields from coming around the edge of the shield. In a car, there are many size limitations, so you may not always be able to get as large a piece of shield in place as you would like

b) there are multiple source of EMF in a car, so even if some can be shielded, there will be others in locations which cannot be effectively shielded

c) having said that, there is no way to get 100% reduction in a car. If the majority of the problem comes from sources just under the floor, or behind the firewall, shielding can be quite effective

d) most times, the best approach is to line the floor and up onto the firewall with shielding. Remove the carpet, fix the shielding securely in place, then replace the carpet.

e) if the fields are particularly strong, you can use multiple layers of shielding.

f) always be sure that the shielding will not interfere with driving safely.

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Shielding from Magnetic Radiation in Your Home

Home is supposed to be our safest place. Unfortunately, our home nowadays is not completely safe for our health. With the increasing use of technological devices like the Wi-Fi, computer laptops, cell phones, oven, refrigerator and more, our home is becoming plagued with electrosmog pollution.

Magnetic radiation is harmful to our health. In addition other forms of radiation that come from Wi-Fi, computer laptops, cell phones and other common household items can alter our DNA and impair our cell functions, which lead to wide variety of health problems that range from general symptoms of nausea, vomiting, irritability and impaired concentration up to far serious problems like poor immune system and cancer. EMF exposure must therefore be prevented as much as possible.

In order to ensure our health protection from magnetic radiation in our home, we need to look into different types of radiation protection products that prevent us from becoming exposed electromagnetic or radio frequency types of radiation. GIRON Magnetic Shielding Flexible Film is one of the most effective radiation protection products (specifically for shielding from magnetic radiation by blocking magnetic fields) worth the investment for our health. This product is a woven and laminated material that provides layers of protection from magnetic radiation.

GIRON MAGNETIC SHIELDING FLEXIBLE FILM | Shielding & Protecting from Magnetic FieldsThe GIRON Magnetic Shielding Flexible Film can be applied to almost any part of your home where magnetic radiation is emitted. Home appliances like microwave oven, refrigerator, vacuum cleaners, and laptop surfaces are great candidates for this radiation protection device. In addition, electric wiring can be a major source of magnetic radiation. Although we cannot eliminate our common household items, we can block magnetic radiation emitted from them by using products like Giron Magnetic Shielding Flexible Film.

For more information on electric radiation and EMF exposure or to look for EMF protection devices, check out AdrProVita store.


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Power Lines Linked to Higher Incidence of Leukemia among Children

In a recent study by the Oxford University research team, children who live in close proximity to power lines are at higher risk for leukemia. Research studies found out several cases of children with leukemia who share one thing in common; they have lived at least within 200 meter distance from power lines since birth. Research findings are still debatable. Some experts are doubtful that the incidence of leukemia among children is solely caused by the magnetic radiation emitted from the power lines. Different health and environmental factors may have played a part on determining the actual cause of leukemia incidence among the children.

Nevertheless, government officials are taking precautions, which involve tighter regulations on the distance between high voltage power lines and residential and public places. Electromagnetic pollution that comes from power lines have been suspected to cause health problems to people. Electromagnetic pollution can seep into people’s houses putting them at risk for various diseases like cancer, neurological disorders and immune problems. While it is quite important to live as far away from power lines as possible, it cannot be stressed enough the importance of taking extra protection from the radiation for your home with use of products like magnetic shielding paper. Magnetic shielding paper serves as barrier between you and dangerous magnetic fields in your home that could come from power lines. Magnetic shielding paper can be applied to almost any walls and surfaces around the house, which adds a great deal of magnetic radiation protection in your household.

MAGNETIC SHIELDING PAPER | Shielding & Protection from Magnetic FieldsFor more information on electromagnetic field radiation and radiation protection products, check out ADR Provita store.


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EMF Meters that Fight Health Risks from EMF Radiation

Smart meters have been the subject of debate among many local residents and city officials, according to Hudson Valley News. The presence of smart meters radiation that causes wide variety of health problems on residents has been a popular topic for discussion ever since smart meter installation in residential homes took place. Many residents have reported different health symptoms like nausea, vomiting, headache, insomnia, irritability, poor concentration and impaired cognition. Some have even associated increased risk for cancer as a result of exposure to smart meters radiation.

Despite the ongoing debate on the actual dangers of smart meters radiation on people’s health, safety precautions from this possibility must already be in people’s top priority. Smart meters are not to be taken lightly even though their clear danger to people’s health is still yet to be fully proven. Right now, there are steps we can take to protect ourselves and our loved ones from EMF radiation. For one, we can incorporate the use of High Frequency EMF Pollution Removers/Filters and Microsurge Meter in our home. Microsurge Meter is considered to be one of the EMF meters that you plug in electrical outlets in order to measure the level of EMF radiation around your house. EMF meters like the Microsurge Meter can measure the level of radiation that comes from dirty electricity caused by faulty wire and electrical devices at home. In addition, EMF filters suppress the amount of dirty electricity present in your home electrical wiring and other electrical sources, reducing the EMF radiation in your home and overall environment.

Microsurge Meter is very convenient to use. It is not dependent on electricity so it would not add up on your electricity bills and not interfere with your electronic connections on television, internet and cell phones. Microsurge Meter can also be plugged in any part of your house back and forth so there is that sense of flexibility that you can enjoy.

For more information on smart meter radiation or to look for radiation protection products, check out ADR Provita store.


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Magnetic Shielding Foil Protects Our Homes from Electromagnetic Pollution

Common household items, such as microwave oven, hair dryer, dimmers and fluorescent lights bring us a lot of convenience at home. However, they also have the capability to bring us headaches, migraines, poor concentration, fatigue and nausea among many other symptoms. Most of our common household items release electromagnetic pollution that gives us different health symptoms that can lead to serious health problems. Some of the health problems that have surfaced from exposure to electromagnetic pollution are immune disorders, mental impairments, respiratory problems and cancer. While we cannot totally eliminate the use of common household items, we can take steps to improve our health from electromagnetic pollution through EMF protection devices like the Magnetic Shielding Foil.

MAGNETIC SHIELDING FOIL | Shielding & Protection from Magnetic FieldsMagnetic Shielding Foil acts as protector from electromagnetic radiation that comes from common household items. When applied in several layers on places that contain high electromagnetic radiation level, this EMF protection device greatly alleviates the amount of radiation exposure you get around the house.

Magnetic Shielding Foil is nearly applicable to any household appliances and items. It can be applied on cell phones, cable wires, microwave ovens and transformers among many more. Magnetic Shielding Foil is guaranteed to reduce the intensity of electromagnetic pollution from any source up to at least seventy five percent. Better protection is achieved when the foil is applied in multiple layers, creating thicker barrier.

In our current world of technological advancements, electromagnetic pollution is becoming more widespread and it is a threat to our health. It is of utmost importance that we keep our homes free from electromagnetic radiation with use of EMF protection devices, so we safeguard our health and wellness.

For more information on electromagnetic pollution or to look for electromagnetic radiation protection products, check out ADR Provita store.


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Personal EMF protection from ADR Protect

In the world we live in today, we tend to be overly dependent on our cell phones in order to function in our day to day lives. Our cell phones have become a great tool on how we communicate with each other or with the rest of the world. Most people are not fully aware that as much as cell phones are helpful and convenient to us, they pose great health risk that can affect any of us. Cell phones, like many other electronic devices such as computer, laptops and Wi-Fi networks, emit electromagnetic radiation that can penetrate our body and alter our body processes. This can lead to potential problems like headache, impaired concentration, irritability, insomnia, heart palpitations and memory loss. In some cases, electromagnetic radiation can lead to serious problems like infertility and cancer.

ADR Protect | Cell Phone Radiation and EMF ProtectionLuckily, there is a way to shield ourselves from electromagnetic radiation without having to completely eliminate the use of cell phones. EMF shielding product called the ADR Protect is designed as a barrier between you and electromagnetic radiation from cell phones. You simply place the ADR Protect on a smooth surface of your cell phone and it absorbs the radiation that you would have caught otherwise. ADR Protect produces magnetic therapy that improves your energy, immune function and positive response from your autonomic nervous system. ADR Protect is meant to boost your energy level, concentration, memory, blood circulation and immune defenses. This EMF shielding product can be also used on other electronic devices, such as computers, laptops and digital watches. ADR Protect allows you to keep your health intact without having to eliminate cell phones from your life.

For more information on ADR Protect or to look for more EMF protection products, check out ADR Provita store.


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EMF shield for entire home with ADR-TEX Universal Electro-screen

Our home is our most important place. It is our safe haven, our comfort zone and therefore it needs to be kept healthy and secured at all times so that we can be in peace in it. Unfortunately, with the increasing and heavy use of various technological devices nowadays, our home becomes poses a threat to our health and wellness. Our television, computer, laptops, cell phones, microwave oven and Wi-Fi network all harbor heat that comes from electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation that can be harmful to our health.

With the potentially harmful sources all around your home, it is important that you take every step to make sure you are safe from your very own home. There are various EMF radiation protection products that provide protection from unwanted EMF radiation. One of the most popular and practical EMF radiation products is the ADR-TEX Universal Electro-Screen. This product is a bundle of sheets that serve as barrier from EMF radiation. The sheets absorb the so-called hot spots emitted by the radiation before they get to you.

ADR TEX - Universal Electro-Screen | Shielding from Electric Fields & EMF Protection


ADR-TEX Universal Electro-Screen is placed on walls, floors, ceilings and areas around your home that have potential EMF radiation. This product comes in different numbers of sheets. The more areas you need to be covered, the more sheets you would need. When you use ADR-TEX Universal Electro-Screen in your home, it is best to use an electric field meter that accurately tells the hot spots that need to be covered with the sheets. It is always best to cover the hot spots in your home to at least 2 V/m line. A healthy home leads to healthy you and healthy life and you can achieve this with ADR-TEX Universal Electro-Screen.

For more information on ADR-TEX Universal Electro-Screen or to look for EMF protection products, check out ADR Provita store.


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Revitalize your body with ADR-4

Our health is one of the most important things that we always need to look after. When we have our health, we have everything we need in life. In order to keep ourselves healthy, we not only need to protect ourselves from potential harmful substances but to also look for things that would keep us healthy and in great shape. One of the things that would secure our health and protection are energy revitalizing products that improve our energy, stamina and immune system. ADR – 4 Energy Simulator is a body revitalizing product that relies on its magnetic field to change our body’s structural and physiologic function.

ADR – 4 Energy Simulator is a white round gadget that you place directly on certain areas of your body. It releases a unique form of magnetic therapy that alters your body processing, which boosts your energy, stamina and immune system. ADR – 4 Energy Simulator serves as a healing mechanism for your body whenever you feel exhaustion, fatigue and restlessness or if you have a weak immune system that leaves you vulnerable to various infections.

The plus side of ADR – 4 Energy Simulator is that you can also use it on objects in your home. This energy revitalizing product also has the capability to alter the properties of water that make it healthier for consumption. ADR – 4 Energy Simulator is simply placed under your glass of water, cup of coffee or bowl of fruits and it brings therapeutic healing and relief that keeps you healthy, energized and refreshed. There are different health advantages that you can get from having ADR – 4 Energy Simulator. Having this product in your life keeps your body and your overall home healthy and revitalized.

ADR-4 Energy Stimulator for increased body energy, immunity & vitality


For more information on ADR – 4 Energy Simulator or to look for energy revitalizing products, check out ADR Provita store.


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New Year a good start for your personal EMF protection

The holidays always provide wonderful and enjoyable vacation time and social gatherings  with your family and friends. Now that the holiday season is finally over, it is the perfect time to get to a fresh and healthy start for the New Year. It is very important to start the New Year in a positive and healthy manner.

One health aspect that demands for urgent attention but is often overlooked is the availability of electromagnetic field (EMF) protection products that offer protection against harmful radiation that comes from technological gadgets like cell phones, WiFi network, computers and many more.

EMF protection is considered to be an urgent matter nowadays because of the heavy use of cell phones and other technological devices. We are constantly bombarded with technological gadgets everywhere we go that emits harmful radiation that affects our body. As a result of radiation exposure, we are prone to get wide array of health symptoms and health problems, such as headache, irritability, insomnia and impaired concentration. Exposure to EMF radiation can also lead to more serious problems like infertility and cancer.

So, this New Year, it is very important that we look after our health and wellness more than anything else. We would want to start our new year and continue on throughout the year in great health in order to make the most out of life. At places like ADR Provita store, different kinds of EMF protection products are available for your personal protection against EMF radiation. Being equipped with EMF protection products can help ensure your health and wellness in the midst of increasing use of technology all around the globe. Starting the New Year with personal EMF protection guarantees you to a fresh and healthy start.

For more information on EMF protection and EMF protection products, check out ADR ProVita website. - products


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