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7 Responses to Testimonials by Customers & Experts

  1. Barry says:

    I can’t say enough about my purchase from adrpovita. I will sum each one that I purchased in this testimonial. ADR 3 Shield is excellent. I use them near my surge protectors and microwave. And yes they work just fine.

    I purchased the ME3030B Analyzer to check the EMF levels in my living quarters and throughout the apartment. Meter is so helpful, well worth the bucks.

    I also purchased the (ADR-Protect) for my cell phone, computer and my carpal tunnel syndrome. My fingers are 80% better now. I can close my fingers without pain. I taped the protectors around the knuckles and under my watch with tape and use them over and over again.

    The ADR mat is super I sit on the mat or lean against it. And now that I have almost all the products from adrprovita.
    I truly can attest to these unique products because my meter verified the ligitmacy of these products.

    Barry & Iryna West Palm Beach, FL

  2. Barry N says:

    My wife and I both experience a profound effect on our environment and in our bodies from the harmonizing fields that radiate from the ADR devices. We have ADR-3 shields by the entertainment electronics, the main circuit breaker box, and by the wifi router in my office, as well as ADR Protects on our cellphones, ipads and laptops.

    These products have made a dramatic change in support of a healthier environment and for enjoying our favorite gadgets without their typical feeling of electronic interference.

    Many thanks to the ADR developers and to ADRProVita for providing such service to benefit our world!

    Barry from North Carolina

  3. Adam says:

    I ordered products suggested, and received in 2 days. They are great, started working. I sleep without the electric shock hitting my head.
    First time in 1 year I can sit in a chair without these EMF shocks. I have ordered from two different companies (EMF materials), however, you can not match the price and quality of these products. I am ordering again later today. I am extremely happy.
    Thank you.

  4. Rita says:

    I bought the ADR-Protect, ADR mat, ADR-3 shields and the cell phone pouch. All the products are made of good quality materials and appear quite durable.

    Their prices are good too. Two years ago, I bought a sticker for my cell phone from another brand that also provides EMF protection. It cost a lot more money than the ADR-Protect and didn’t help with circulation at all! Thank goodness I found ADR ProVita!!

    I am also super impressed with the excellent customer service I received with my orders. I had emailed some questions, and very shortly after I received detailed answers and information from ADR ProVita’s Robert. Robert was so patient and knowledgeable about the products. I feel more confident now that I know what products I should use to improve the EMF protection in different areas of the home.

    I have ordered the EMF meter, which is being shipped now. I’m looking forward to using it to check the levels in the house and see which areas need more protection.

    Thanks so much for making these health-boosting products!!

    Rita – Toronto, Canada

  5. Peter says:

    I use the ADR-4 Therapy Magnet to relieve soreness from tendonitis in my arm . Within days I felt a relief & continue to use it after my workouts. I also use to relieve lower back to pain & stiffness.
    I highly recommend AdrProVita products!


  6. Ralph says:

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  7. Kelle says:

    Originally posted on 2014/02/19 at 2:33am

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