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EMF & EHS Symptoms

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EMF & EHS Symptoms

Many people nowadays are experiencing a wide range of symptoms and conditions that have been connected to both electromagnetic frequency radiation (EMF) exposure and electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). Some of the more common symptoms include soft tissue and nerve pain, learning difficulties, forgetfulness, frequent infections, limb and joint pain, allergies, irritability, headaches, depression, fatigue, insomnia, and a host of others. Many people suffering and dealing with these ailments have not been able to determine the underlying cause. In fact, most are probably not even aware of EMF and EHS.

Unnatural Electromagnetic Radiation

With the widespread use of both computers and cell phones, and many other related technological devices, it is extremely difficult to avoid exposure from the emitted radiation they produce. This field surrounds us continuously whether we are sleeping or not. Because of this phenomena, there have been many products and solutions devised to enhance electromagnetic protection. Electrosmog is slowly getting more recognition, prompting many companies to address these issues. There are now several radiation protection products designed to safeguard against cell phone radiation and other items.

Tips on EMF & EHS Avoidance

Although electromagnetic fields are difficult to completely avoid, there are a few common sense tips to reducing exposure. One option is to use a Gauss meter to determine the EMF level inside your home and then avoid these high electromagnetic field areas as much as possible. EMF levels should be measured when appliances are both operating and turned off. There are certain appliances such as televisions that can still draw current even when turned off. Other recommendation for complete EMF protection include avoiding sleeping under electric blankets or on waterbeds, minimizing the use of cordless tools and remaining a safe distance from microwave ovens and computers when they are in use.

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