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How ADR-TEX works

How ADR-TEX fibric (screen) works

The ADR TEX is an electric field shield, which utilizes ADR Technology® to protect the human body from the harmful effects of electric fields.







The ADR TEX is designed to absorb harmful low frequency electric fields, in a manner similar to that of the human body. The human body consists of about 60% water dispersed in various ways. To mimic the absorption of static and low-frequency electromagnetic fields by the human body we designed an electric field screen in the form of a many-phase system consisting of a polymer matrix in which various, water containing phases, are randomly dispersed.


The ADR TEX involves use of the distributed water electric field absorption in the dielectric screening material. The absorbed energy is changed into heat. This heat is so small that it is not noticed by the user.

Natural characteristic absorption ADR TEX is new worldwide and another applicable in other security types, e.g. metalized screens. ADR TEX does not contain metallic parts, is effective and thin screen electric field based on the permeability of the electricity.

The ADR TEX screens electric fields ranging from low frequencies up to radio frequencies.




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