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ADR Protect | Cell Phone Radiation and EMF Protection

ADR Protect | Cell Phone Radiation and EMF Protection
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ADR Protect has a round shape with 0.83 inches in diameter (21 mm) and is made of elastic magnetic foil which has the specific spatial distribution of a magnetic field. Precisely located, mathematically defined points are covered with a gelatin paste, which is a composite of ceramic substances, and metal oxides showing specific infrared radiation absorption/emission properties.

ADR Protect - cross section


.thumb_img01.pngADR Protect is equipped with elastic magnetic foil generating a specific spatial magnetic field,

.thumb_img02.png Ceramic points, oxidized metal exerting influence on the area of infrared radiation,

.thumb_img03.png Self-adhesive layer for easy application.

ADR Protect is CE certified, which means that from technical point of view it is considered a Medical Device (Directive (MDD) 93/42/EEC - Class I accordingly to the European Union legal requirements).

ADR Protect composite materials absorbs electromagnetic radiation (emitted from cell phones, laptops and other personal electric devices) and release it in a form of undetectable room temperature heat.

ADR Protect has an adhesive backing so that it can be affixed to the outer surface of an electrical appliance (e.g. on the casing of cellular telephone, computer, microwave ovens or computer mouse).

Radiation Exposure
- Quality of reception: If the quality of the connection to the base station is good, the mobile phone transmits at low power. The level of exposure can therefore be reduced by making calls from locations where the level of reception is good (i.e. sealed rooms, cellars, etc. should be avoided).

– Avoid phoning from a car: Reception inside a car is poor, since the vehicle body strongly attenuates the radiation. Mobile phones should - if at all - only be used inside a car if the vehicle is equipped with an external antenna. Various studies have demonstrated that the use of a mobile phone when driving increases the risk of an accident because the driver no longer concentrates fully on the road. For safety reasons, making calls in a moving car is only permitted with the aid of a hands-free device.

– Establishing a connection: A mobile phone transmits at the highest power when establishing a connection. After dialling, the mobile phone should be kept away from the head until the connection has been made. In this way, exposure can be reduced.

Keeping calls short: The shorter the call using a mobile phone, the lower the exposure.
Example of the calculation of radiation exposure of the head when using a mobile phone:
the model concerned has an SAR of 0.61 W/kg.The highest exposure is in the white/yellow one in the outer layers.
The exposure diminishes rapidly towards the interior. In the black one it is 100,000 times weaker than in the outer layers.

Original image from IT’IS Foundation, Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich.


ADR Protect shields from electromagnetic radiation and strengthens proper functions of the body, which in turn counteracts the stressful effects of electrosmog pollution.

ADR Protect can also be used with any electronic device, such as:

• laptops, • PDA's, • cell phones, • microwave ovens, • radio & TV sets.

adr protect-cell phone.jpg ADR Protect Applications - Personal Uses
adr protect-computer.jpg
adr protect-mouse.jpg
It is easy to use ADR Protect with any cell phone - simply stick it on any smooth surface of: cell phones, computers, microwave ovens, mouse or even under your watch.
ADR Protect is the best EU certified medical device providing cell phone radiation and EMF protection
In addition, ADR Protect restores human energy balance (Human BioField) by equalizing the level of energy in all acupuncture channels (meridians) to the state know as homeostasis. In this way, body's protective mechanisms are able to compensate for the effects of harmful environmental pollutants generated by various electric and electronic devices more efficiently.

ADR® Protect is a highly specialized medical device and serves as a personal protector. Its positive effect has been proved in the following areas:

Shielding from electric radiation emitted from cell phones and other electric and electronic products by providing cell phone radiation and EMF protection
• Increasing/Balancing energy levels, vitality levels in the body - during conditions of general weakness, tiredness, concentration deficiency,
Immune System Booster - strengthens body’s immune system by regulating its functions against harmful agents (sick and elderly persons, small children; after medical operations; while taking immunosuppressive drugs, such as cortisone and Cytostatics),

Blood Circulation Booster - improves the quality of blood supply in hands of patients with RAYNAUD'S disese,
BioField Protection - restores energy balance (homeostasis) in the human body,
Benefits the autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for maintaining an organism's physiological balance.
ADR® Protect is a winner of:
ADR Protect

Effects of Environmental Pollutants on Organisms
Today, much attention is paid to the adverse effects of environmental pollutants generated by many commonly used devices (e.g., cellular phones, computers, microwave ovens, etc.), which may result in harmful impacts to the human body. ADR Protect is the best EU certified medical device providing 
cell phone radiation and EMF protection.

Research has historically shown an increased rate of leukemia among children exposed to higher intensities of low-frequency electromagnetic fields. Current research also indicates that radiation may be responsible for triggering the onset of Alzheimer's disease, several forms of dementia, sleep disorders, and cancer cell development.

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ADR Protect is an innovative European Union certified medical device. This wellness product influences the autonomic nervous system and provides cell phone radiation and EMF protection from electromagnetic radiation emitted from personal electronic devices, like: cell phones, computers and TV sets .

ADR Protect, EU certified medical device

Since the 1950’s, it’s been known that heat shock unwinds the two strands of DNA. As the DNA cools, it recovers by rewinding into an intact double helix.

EMFs from cell phones were shown to have a statistically significant detrimental effect on DNA rewinding. In fact the cell phone radiation was so toxic to the DNA that it not only prevented the natural rewinding process, it caused the DNA to further unwind.

The temperature of a human head can increase by about 0.1ºC as a result of a few minutes conversation on a modern cell phone. One can also expect non-thermal effects due to the absorption of electromagnetic radiation!

Using ADR Protect is easy!

Simply attach ADR Protect (using its self adhesive side) to the smooth surface of your device and you begin cell phone radiation and EMF protection from harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted by your devices.
ADR Protect as a personal protector has been also proved in the following areas:

ADR Protect Applications - Personal Uses

  • increasing/balancing energy levels in the body general weakness,tiredness, concentration deficiency,
  • strengthening human immunity against harmful agents by improving blood circulation in casea of weakened immune system (sick and elderly persons, small children, after medical procedures & operations; while taking immunosuppressive drugs, such as cortisone and Cytostatics),
  • positively effecting autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for maintaining an organism's physiological balance,
  • providing EMF protection from cell phone radiation and sources such as laptops, tablets and other electronic devices.

Cell Phone Radiation & EMF Protection - Risk Factors

Cell phone radiation protection / EMF Protection products like ADR Protect and preventive habits are key radiation risk mitigators for over exposure. Cell phones, smart phones and tablets use has become an extension of our daily lives, and with it comes an ongoing exposure to the radiation emitted from these devices. According to World Health Organization / International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) radiofrequency electromagnetic fields emitted from mobiles devices are possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B), based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of brain cancer associated with wireless phone use. Many European countries followed this recommendation and introduced special legislations promoting Cell phone radiation protection / EMF protection for their citizens, especially children. In a newly-released study conducted at the Orebro Hospita in Sweden, it was revealed that 10 years of cell phone use resulted in an average 290% increased risk of brain tumor development.

ADR Protect is the best EU certified medical device providing cell phone radiation and EMF protection.

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