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ADR Blue

ADR Blue
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ADR Blue most common placement locations:

• Fish tanks (water tanks) to promote healthy and faster growth and development of fish and water plants - for best results use at least one ADR Blue per 26.5 gallons of water (100 liters)

• Animal food and water containers to promote nutrient preservation and enhanced delivery thru properly conditioned water - place one ADR Blue per container

• Pots with home and garden plants - place one ADR Blue inside or underneath roots to promote enhanced delivery and distribution of nutrient thru root systems thus faster growth.

Most common benefits:

• Lowering elevated concentration of electromagnetic radiation in humans, animals and plants

• Faster development and growth of underwater plants and vegetation

• Higher efficiency of nutrience delivery for pets and live-stock animals

• Faster growth of home and garden plants (up to 50% faster growth in plants and flowers).

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ADR Blue is an ADR® (Advanced Dielectric Radiation) Technology device, designed and built mainly based on ADR-4 Energy Stimulator.

ADR Blue works exactly the same as ADR-4 and in addition promotes health advancing benefits for animals, pets, home and garden plants and flowers.

Due to its properties, ADR® Blue is an ideal solution for applications with potable, but not drinkable water, for instance: bath tubs, shower cabins, restrooms and bathrooms.

Its special blue ceramic enclosure, together with encapsulated magnetic elements and propriatery substance ensure required spacial distribution of magnetic field and resonance affect cancelling harmful influence of electromagnetic radiation created by AC electric current running in electric installation, radios, TV's and other appliances.

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