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History, facts and negative effects of electromagnetic radiation

Our bodies are not prepared for a constant onslaught of EMF and the negative effects of having to function in a hostile environment of intense radiation. It is therefore

not surprising that after decades of research scientists have linked countless illnesses and health conditions to the exposure to man-made electric radiation.


Watch this video to educate yourself about electromagnetic radiation history, facts and negative effects.




See how ADR® Mat for Bed works

ADR® Mat for Bed is a part of ADR® Mat Collection. It has been designed specially for personal protection against electromagnetic radiation created by electric

wires present at home, hospital, hotel or any other room when people rest and sleep. ADR® Mat for Bed provides protection against harmful electric fields.

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Watch this short video clip to see how ADR® Mat for Bed works!




ADR-TEX® Universal Electro-Screen

ADR® TEX Universal Electro-Screen acts as a shield against harmful electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic fields can affect the electrolytic economy, processes which involve ions and the immune system, (allergies and inflammations can be aggravated). In many cases only the neutralization of electric fields can make one’s health and mood better. For more details click here.


Watch this short video clip to see how our ADR-TEX Universal Electro-Screen works!



ADR® Mat for Bed

ADR® Mat for Bed can neutralize over 90% of harmful effects caused by electric fields. In this way, ADR® Mat protects human body from electromagnetic fields during sleep or rest and also makes home environment healthier. For more details and sizing visit our Products page.


Watch this short video clip to see why ADR® Mat for Bed is so important for your body!


What is Dirty Electricity and How Stetzerizer Filters Work?

This short video clip, narrated by Dr. Magda Havas of Trent University, explains what dirty electricity is and shows the effectiveness of Stetzerizer filters available in our store




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