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What is Electromagnetic Radiation?




What is Electromagnetic Radiation?


Electromagnetic radiation, also known as EMR, is an energy field created around battery operated and electrical devices, including cellular telephones, which can have a negative effect on human health. There are a variety of sources of electromagnetic radiation. Some of these are natural; however the majority are man made.


Frequent Electromagnetic Radiation Sources


Natural EMR can occur from weather events including severe thunderstorms, or even as the magnetic field covering the Earth gives off electromagnetic frequencies. Man made EMR exposure includes electrical house wiring, overhead power lines, radar systems, computers, mobile phones, neighborhood electrical boxes and Wi-Fi modems, as a few examples.


Effects of Electrical Fields


In today's modern society it seems as if everything that surrounds us is electrical, and this affects our own electrical field significantly. In fact, there are forms of electromagnetic energy that can actually break down chemical bonds between molecules in cells of the body. In some instances, cell DNA can become so defected that it begins acting abnormally.


Prolonged Exposure to EMR


Long-term exposure affects people differently. Some can become chronically ill with a wide range of symptoms. These include everything from chronic fatigue, headaches, stress, birth defects, heart problems, cancer, and even leukemia along with other assorted health problems.


Protecting against Continuous EMR Exposure


Due to many technological advances today, there are products and solutions protecting individuals against continuous exposure to such electrical hazards. Many EMR and EMF protection devices have been tested. While the majority of these have not worked, fortunately a handful of electromagnetic shield solutions have proven to be successful.





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