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Understanding What Electrosmog Is And The Dangers Of It

For years now, most of humanity has come to realize that there are dangerous pollutants in the atmosphere that we are being exposed to on a daily basis.  Now we have another atmospheric condition to be concerned with, only this time it is the air around us in our indoor environments.  Our homes and offices today are filled with EMF’s or electromagnetic fields thanks to all of the modern technologies we have grown accustomed to.  As a result, we now have to worry about “electrosmog” pollution.

What is it and Why is it Potentially Harmful to Humans?

Electrosmog is the current terminology that is used to define and describe any form of EMF radiation that is being emitted in our homes or offices from a number of different electronic devices and/or sources.  Some of the more common causes of electromagnetic radiation that we are aware of include:

Basically, electrosmog is a type of radiation that is emitted from any type of battery-operated, electric, or wireless device or source within the home or office.  Additionally, electrosmog has been linked to certain health issues in those individuals who come into contact with electromagnetic frequency radiation in numerous commercial and residential structures.

Documented Health Issues

According to many individuals who have been treated for electrosmog exposure and its consequences, there are complaints of different symptoms ranging from annoying to extreme discomfort.  Possible side effects of electrosmog exposure include:

Although research and science are still in the primary stages of researching and studying electrosmog, you should still be concerned about your exposure to it and the dangers above.

What can You do to Protect Yourself?

There are a number of steps that AdrProVita suggests in order to protect oneself as often as possible from electrosmog.  Whenever possible, you should avoid standing in close proximity to any electronic devices or power sources.  Additionally, don’t set your laptop on your lap, don’t use electric blankets, keep electrical cords at a safe distance, turn your wireless router off whenever it is not being used, and use your cell phone’s speakerphone function.  Finally, it is recommended that you upgrade your computer monitor and/or TV screen to LCD to ensure that less radiation is being emitted from these devices.

For more information regarding electrosmog and how we can help you protect you from being exposed to it in an indoor environment, please visit the AdrProVita website today.

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