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WHO: Summary of health effects

Source: World Health Organization

Summary of Health Effects

The various health implications related to electromagnetic frequencies has been the subject of ongoing debate. Various correlations to electromagnetic radiation and a variety of symptoms have been investigated through direct studies and research efforts. Among the more common signs related to EMF exposure include sleeplessness, frequent headaches, paranoia, plus a myriad of others. Devices associated with EMF emissions that many people use on a daily basis include cellular phones, personal computers, fluorescent lamps, wireless routers and microwaves, to name a few.

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Human Bio-Field Risk

An individual's bio-field is responsible for managing certain stressors. When it becomes unhealthy, there can be far reaching consequences. The solution is less EMF exposure, especially since devices releasing electromagnetic frequencies are those which are most commonly used in everyday living. The natural curative mechanism within the human body becomes highly compromised when exposed to unnatural electromagnetic frequencies.

Other Related Symptoms of EMF Exposure

In addition to the previously aforementioned symptoms, others include lack of energy and focus, confusion, and severe depression. A variety of electromagnetic field protection products are now available to help the body reenergize and avoid such exposure, leading to enhanced well-being. These solutions include electromagnetic mats, EMF shield devices, ADR mat products, among others. In fact, radiation protection products are a fast growing industry due to this rising problem.


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Helpful EMF Tips

Probably the best way of to avoid radiation from EMF is to maintain a safe distance when using electrical appliances. Intensity of EMF exposure rapidly decreases with distance. Additionally, minimum use of such appliances is recommended. Finally, utilizing electromagnetic protection products can also significantly reduce the risk of exposure.







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